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  • Grey concrete match holder/striker container with green safety matches.
  • Grey concrete match holder/striker container with all-black safety matches.
  • A grey concrete match holder/striker container with green safety matches and a sign that reads "Match Holder & Striker" in the background.
  • A photo of a grey concrete candle, green matches in a grey concrete striker container with black wick trimmers on a grey concrete tray.
  • Grey concrete match holder/striker container with cedarwood and white-tipped safety matches displayed both upside down and right side up inside the containers.
  • Charcoal colored concrete match holder/striker with all-black matches inside.
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Craftovert CO.

Decorative Matches in a Concrete Striker Container

Elevate your candle game with matches in a striker container!

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Decorative Decor:

Colors options for the matches include: classic matchsticks with green tips, cedarwood matches with white tips, or entirely black matches. 

Functional Design:

The containers were designed with a striker pad on the bottom, to light the safety matches quickly and easily. These containers match our candle containers to make an effortlessly cohesive candle display.

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion:

Pair a couple of our candles with matches in a concrete striker container for a great gift set!


Concrete match striker container is 2” in diameter and approximately 1.85” tall. The matches are safety matches that come in a variety of color options. 

Key Product Features:

  • Striking design that matches our candles. 
  • Approximately 75 matches per container. 
  • Add to a couple of candles for a coordinated concrete candle arrangement. 
  • Makes a great gift for anyone who loves burning candles.