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Craftovert CO.

Hand-Engraved Wick Trimmers

Properly maintain your candles with a stylish wick trimmer.

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Trimming the wick of your candles will minimize soot and produce a more even, cleaner burning flame. Not only do wick trimmers support a comfortable grip while easily reaching into the deepest candles, but they also catch the trimmed wick with a small tray, rather than sending the wick flying (or falling into the wax!) like scissors would. To get the longest burn out of your candle, the wick should always be 1/4”-1/8” and free of any soot before each burn.


Our wick trimmers are made of rustproof stainless steel, with either a matte black or shiny gold finish. Craftovert Co.’s wick trimmers are hand engraved by a local Denver artisan. Lettering might look slightly different from piece to piece because it is done entirely free-handed. These uniquely personalized candle accessories measure approximately 2.4" at handle end, 0.8" at trimmer end and are 7” in length.

Key Product Features:

  • Properly maintain your candles with a stylish wick trimmer. 
  • Wick trimmers fit perfectly on our geometric concrete trays. 
  • Each piece is branded with a one-of-a-kind engraving. 
  • A great gift for any candle lover!