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I’m Haley Stratton, an Environmental Scientist trying my hardest to live a sustainable lifestyle by acting as a conscious consumer.

While I love the cozy ambiance of a candle, the more I learned about how most commercially available candles are dangerous for both our health and the environment, the less I wanted to bring them into my home. With so many candles out there containing known carcinogens, there was no way I was going to burn them around my loved ones (especially my pet rabbits with sensitive respiratory systems). So, I decided to take things into my own hands and make candles myself to ensure complete transparency and guarantee non-toxic, clean-burning ingredients.

After years of learning and constantly improving my craft, I finally have a product worth sharing! CRAFTOVERT CO. makes safe, refillable candles that provide an endless supply of comfy sustainability to those who cherish handmade creations.

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Handmade Individuality

Because I’m both an artist and scientist, I follow a proven, detailed methodology in hopes of creating the most consistent products as possible. Nonetheless, all orders are individually hand-crafted, so slight variations are still to be expected from piece to piece. Photos are purely examples of each item’s possible appearance, products may include small bubbles, subtle differences in texture, colors, and/or shapes, affecting nothing but aesthetics of the decor. If you order multiple products to build a gift set, let me know, so I can make sure they are perfectly complementary as visual matches.

Crafted by Haley

I personally make almost every product from scratch in my Centennial, Colorado home. Please do not expect Amazon-speed deliveries from this humble team of one. For our concrete candles, just the concrete container requires multiple days to properly cast, cure, sand, and seal before even being able to fill them with the candle cores. The candles must be poured and then an additional day is required for finishing touches like curing, wick trimming, labeling, packaging, and shipping. If you are on a particularly tight timeline, please reach out and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule as best we can.

I begin custom making orders upon each purchase confirmation, therefore product customizations are entirely possible. New and specially made projects might be subject to different prices, timelines, and shipping details. Please send any personalization requests my way so I can help bring your ideas to life.

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