Plastic-Free Sustainable Packaging

Our Commitment To Sustainability

From the creation of our products, all the way down to how it gets to your door, sustainability is always one of our top priorities. We aim to be good environmental stewards throughout each and every step of our business.

Reduce waste with our reusable products

Our concrete candles can be refilled after the initial candle is burned through. Reduce waste and save money by only purchasing the concrete once and then replenish the concrete container with our beeswax refills after that!!

Eliminate single use plastic in the kitchen by switching to our reusable beeswax food wraps. The food wraps act just like cling wrap but can be reused up to 150 times!

Plastic Free Packaging

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that packaging and printed correspondences all be done with of any suitable combination of recycled, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and/ or compostable materials. Our sustainable packaging is all entirely plastic free, no bubble wrap or packing peanuts here!

The smallest touches, even down to our shipping labels and packing tape are the most sustainable options we currently have available. Our shipping labels are made with a recyclable and re-pulpable adhesive, positioned on a silicon-free sheet that’s safe for curbside recycling as well as the sticker itself. Our packing tape is made also made with a re-pulpable, biodegradable gummed kraft paper for an impressively strong, yet recyclable bond. Our branded tape can also be sturdy enough to reuse the entire shipping box.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Through the end of the year, all shipments will be carbon neutral. The amount of carbon that each shipment releases will be calculated by Shopify (our ecommerce platform), then carbon offsets are purchased from Grassroots to make the shipment carbon neutral. 

Haley holding a crate full of beeswax candle refills

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